"Thank you for speaking at our American Cancer Society Relay event in Fountain Valley. You truly captured the essence of our event! The ability to share your personal story with equal doses of reality and humor was the highlight of our opening ceremony. I spoke to many people throughout the day who were very touched by your words. You have the gift of drawing others to you, and within minutes I know that you were instant friends with the crowd. While the topic of cancer can be very serious, it was nice to see the crowd share a smile, a nod of understanding, and moments of laughter as well."

Nancy Leavitt,Fountain Valley Relay for Life



​ “Louise’s gift of public speaking is nothing short of amazing. She has the natural ability to speak on just about any topic with conviction and passion. Whether she’s telling a personal story about her family or childhood, or inspiring you to do something incredible, she pulls you in and gives you the feeling she’s speaking directly to you!”

Program participant 


"Just so you know, I just ran a 5k and I'm training for a 10k in July, and it is all because of you. Your speech opened my eyes to how right you were about doing the things you want to do in life. I want to thank you for that."



“Because Louise has experienced a life of extremes, she has an extraordinary content library. Her tales originate from around the globe, allowing her to illustrate universal themes.”



“Once again...perfect! You were great!”



“That was seriously the best speech I have ever heard! I was engaged the entire time! Amazing story!”



“From the moment she takes the stage, Louise lights up the room with her high energy, bubbling humor and enchanting stories. She’s a motivator and a charmer, and if your group is looking for a woman with a message - and the knack for delivering it - Louise is hands down your best choice. Her experiences growing up in South Africa, moving to America and becoming a successful business owner were particularly relevant to our group, and her empowering message left us motivated and eager to charge into the day. She is a true professional!”

Patrick McClure, The Connexia Group


“Louise Hyland is a charismatic speaker who has the unique ability to connect with male and female audiences alike on a variety of topics. She has a remarkable sense of humor and engages her audience frequently throughout her presentations. She is Toastmaster International trained in the art of speaking and her natural, conversational style does the rest.”

Karen L. Twichell, Author/Speaker

Toastmaster International Accredited Speaker


“I loved your speech last night. Cow slapping has now officially become a part of my vocabulary!”



“Thank you so much for your speech on cow slapping! You have been on my mind all week as I’ve pondered my own life and my own ‘cows’”


“You floor me every time you speak...ENCORE!”



“This one should win an award! Loved it!’