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​​Growing up in Apartheid South Africa

This experience provided Louise with a first hand perspective on injustices. Louise has taken this experience and created presentations that both inspire and motivate audience members to understand their ability to make a difference in the world and their own personal lives. This presentation has been well received in middle school, high school, college and business environments. Try to find a dry eye in the house...


The Anti-motivational Speaker

Discover "The Bucket System" that allows us to do less but achieve more! Forget everything you've ever heard from inspirational speakers and discover how to reach your full potential by focusing on your own personal "buckets".


Famous Last Words!

Angry diatribes? Loving goodbyes? Rantings of regret? Which category will your last words fit into? Discover how to live a life focused on your today so you'll have no regrets when those "Famous Last Words" are spoken! 


Loving an Addict

The mother of a much beloved addict, Louise is determined to remove the stigma of addiction. As a CCAR Recovery Coach, this mom understands the brutal pain of trying to find the balance between loving an addict child and working every day at not enabling the addiction. This presentation is a beautiful balance of humor, honor, pain, love and never, ever, ever ending hope. 


Cancer Funny

After being diagnosed with advanced cancer and being told she had eighteen months to live, Louise decided to put up a fight! That fight led her though a year long journey of chemo, surgeries and radiation. She found a unique way to deal with the rigors of treatment: Louse began doing standup comedy regaling audiences with the funny side of cancer. In this presentation, she takes her audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions and humor as she shares her journey leaving everyone with a powerful message of inspiration!





Communications Workshops

The intricacies of both verbal and non-verbal communication have long been the subject of studies and research. Personal and professional relationships depend on the ability to appropriately and successfully communicate. As a communication expert, Louise has developed hands-on, fun focused, workshops that demonstrate the tools necessary for successful communication. One workshop is geared towards corporate environments and the other is appropriate for middle and high school students. Her presentations cover everything from basic communication to conflict resolution and debate techniques.


Women Specific Workshops

Louise offers specific workshops geared towards explaining the complicated differences between male and female communications, particularly in corporate environments. This workshop teaches women how to be assertive, directive, honorable, promotable, break through the "glass ceiling", while maintaining gender specific attributes and balancing all other personal perspectives such as family and a personal life...just like we think men do! 


Men and women ARE different and that's perfectly ok...


Ultimately, it requires the desire to seek equitable partnerships.